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Are Driving Schools For Me?

When most people think about their first Driving School, the biggest concern is damaging their car or being injured. While a valid concern, I’d like to discuss the reality of the situation. First, a car going off the track does happen – not often, but it does happen. The important thing to understand is that the vast majority of the drivers that go off the track or have an accident are advanced students or instructors who are approaching the limits of their skills or their car. It is VERY rare that a brand new student, or even a novice that has been to just a few Schools, has a serious accident. While it may seem initially counter intuitive, it makes sense. Beginning students are very cautious, always have an instructor in the car, and usually are not near the limits of their car or their abilities. Advanced students are often trying to squeeze just a little more speed out of a corner and are generally pushing the limits of the car and their abilities.


The goal of our Driving Schools are to provide a safe and controlled environment where people can learn to be better drivers. Remember, everyone was a beginner at one time, so if you want to improve your driving skills and have lots of fun both on and off the track while doing it, our Driving Schools are where its at!


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Registrar for our Driving Schools.




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