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Winter Sport: GoKarting Social 02
01.27.2019 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

First-Quarter Board Meeting 2019
02.17.2019 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

2019 Cleveland Auto Show -- TENTATIVE
03.03.2019 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Second-Quarter Board Meeting 2019
04.07.2019 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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Submitted by Brian Nawrocki, president NOCMBWCCA

By the time you read this I hopefully will have taken delivery of a new Lemans Blue 135is. I'm excited to pick up my first new car ever! (Being President has its privileges!) Only kidding. The board doesn't get paid for doing what we do, we do it because we love driving the BMW marque, and, most of all, the wonderful people involved at the events we participate in.
Our Chapter's driving events, destination events, and beer and winery drives have a little of everything to meet the fancy of our most discerning members. August featured a family fun night at Fun-N- Stuff in nearby Macedonia, Ohio.

Attendees enjoyed the best part about being a BMWCCA club member—driving your BMW to meet with friends. This was a very cost-effective way to enjoy a variety of activities including mini golf, go carts, bumper boats, and much much more. In addition, our group discount made this a tremendous value to our club members. If you didn't clear your schedules to attend this event tailored to families with members of ALL age groups and interests this year, look for its return in 2014.

Sadly, our first two HPDE events of the year did not garner the attendance seen at past events; due to this, our treasury has taken a slight hit. Increasing track fees and lower attendance coupled with the improvement of our chapter website has hit us all in short order. If we don't consider our expenditures for the remainder of this year, our ability to put on two HPDEs in 2014 may be in jeopardy. In order to ensure the continued success of the Chapter, some tough decisions are going to have to be made in order to maintain two driver schools in 2014.
Rest assured the Chapter officers have evaluated some options and will be taking steps to ensure the continuation of the entertaining events you are used to participating in.

Some of the identified topics up for discussion are the following:

  • Increased attention to advertising: The new website should help to spread the word. Our use of social media will need to grow as well to keep the younger crowd interested and showing up to our events.
  • Evaluation of HPDE Pricing: BMWCCA's, especially Northern Ohio Chapter's, events have been among the best values in terms of track-time-per-dollar. Our HPDEs are among the lowest costs of any HPDE style affairs. Event pricing will be under review to ensure we achieve maximum value to our participants while maintaining at least a breakeven venture for the Chapter.
  • Fund Raising events: The club will evaluate additional revenue-generating activities that can replenish our coffers. Being a not-for-profit organization does not mean our events must turn losses. In order to continue to hold the events that generate high levels of participation but deplete our reserves, I propose we must offset our expenses with events that can allow us to operate at least as at a breakeven level.

One of the by-products of the May HPDE/Club Race events this year was the creation of a full-color T-shirt logo by our Newsletter Editor Rich Loney commemorating the inaugural Harvey Rogers Memorial Enduro. The shirt is available for a limited time through our Gear Shop. So, check the website or in this newsletter for details on how to order your shirt.
We also thank Liz Colwell for her several years as Treasurer to the Board as she steps down as an officer but remains on the Board. And, we welcome long-time BMWCCA member and former National Treasurer Kathy Lyle as her replacement.

Ending on a bright note, our other driving events this summer have been a tremendous success! Both our On the Lake Winery Drive and our Endangered Zoar Tour had tremendous turnouts! I would like to recognize both the organizing members at each event as well as all of the participants who showed up to drive and share in the camaraderie at these events. Your participation is what continues to make our Chapter a success. Although this transition year started out with some large expenses to the club, our team fully intends to carry on with all the same enthusiasm you've come to expect from Northern Ohio Chapter BMWCCA.

We look forward to your continued participation and support. Remember to check in with our new website on a regular basis for continued updates on club happenings.

Now get out, enjoy your car, and drive the rest of the summer months away in style. Happy motoring!