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Submitted by Bob Perritt

I was looking forward to a nice sunny, warm day at the track to run #57 after that long winter. Well, if I wanted that, I should have gone on Saturday; that's how things go at the track—not always as you plan.

We started out on slicks for some reason. Perhaps, we thought the radar was wrong, just like the data system in my car--wrong (ha-ha!). So we went out on slicks, and 20 minutes later we were skating around the track. I thought winter was over. I saw parts of the track I haven't seen before; and, this was not grass, but the track!

Being upset about the turn of events with the weather, it turned out to be a wonderful day of driving after all. I put on my G-Force rains and went out for another session. Those rains worked amazingly well after having skated around for a few laps on slicks, but you still needed to be smooth—really smooth. When it's wet—puddle-wet—smooth is king: throttle-smooth, brake-smooth and very much shift-smooth. I didn't think I had that in me: To be that smooth.

You learn to be patient; now, that's funny, but true. You're waiting for the shift, where to lift (Lift? Who wants to lift?), and where to brake. Each lap changes, so you learn what you did and where you did it on the last lap very fast and make corrections. Puddles get larger; then, small streams start to form. Don't turn. Just hold the wheel until you've gone through them. Those areas you now will remember even when it's dry. Chances are you didn't notice the change in the pavement when it was dry driving.

So, rain on the track makes you better in the dry: Smoother, more patient. You should see things on the track better— as long as you are pointed forward. It's a great way to get seat time and to prepare for the day you get caught in a race when it starts to rain. Now don't get me wrong; I would rather drive on a dry track, especially at Nelson. Flat out through Turn #3 doesn't work well in the wet, but it's a blast in the dry, as is Turn #11 at 130mph. Funny thing about Nelson, I never wanted to drive there because of all the stories I had heard about that track. A buddy commented, "Just try it once, and, if you don't like it, don't come back." So I did. Well, I guess you figured it out: If I drive Nelson in the rain, either I'm nuts or it's fun. It's fun, but I am crazy. Aren't we all?
A Fun Day at Nelson is just that fun!