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Submitted by Rich Loney, NOCBMWCCA Pilot Editor

Heading out to the Stan Hywet classic car show has become a bit of a tradition with my family. My boys Ryan (17) and Kyle (14) are at that age where cars are king and the rarer, faster, or more expensive (I'm discovering), the better. That said, a venue like this, which is packed to the chrome-covered gills with cars, has become something they (and I) really look forward to.

As we approached the cobblestone gate of the magnificent mansion we spotted the instantly recognizable partially opened hardtop roofs of a BMW Z4 and e92 3-series convertible. The registration staff informed us that a new addition to this year's show was the "Future Classics" display featuring Audi, Jaguar, Volvo, and our favorite marque – BMW.

Once our admissions were paid, we sprinted to the display like kids running to the roller coasters when the gates first open at Cedar Point. Admittedly, I felt a little ashamed that we were so excited to see the shiny new Bimmers when there were acres of classic cars just a few steps away. But who could really blame us... the allure of the fire orange M3 was far too attractive. In addition to the M3, Dave Walter BMW brought a delightful stable of vehicles including a Z4 (undoubtably a future classic), the new F30 3 series, a new F10 5-er, a 7-series (stand back boys, this one's stickered at over $100K), an X5 and an X6. They also had some bikes on the lawn including a way-cool all-black S1000R that looked as if it was straight out of Bruce Wayne's bat cave (the stately manor in the background really added to this illusion).

Kyle did his best to convince me that I needed to trade in my e90 330i for the Z4. Ryan pitched the argument that, if I were to spend $55K on a car, surely the smart thing to do would be to toss in an additional $15K for the keys to the M3. I found myself contemplating Ryan's logic for a brief moment before walking towards the main show area mumbling something along the lines of "dang college tuition and if your mother weren't such a great shot..."

Back to the actual show. If you have not been, it's a must see. The show, held on the grounds of the 1912 Seiberling Tudor-style mansion in Akron, featured more than 350 automobiles manufactured between 1896 and 1978. My friend Matt joined his father to display his 1985 black over red Ferarri 308 – original sticker price... $60,000.00. What a beauty! I actually had a chance to take the Ferarri out for a spin a few days before the show and won't soon forget the screaming Formula 1 sound track that fills the cabin as you approach 7,000 RPM. I also won't forget these precious moments spent with my two sons who are growing up far too quickly.