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Submitted by Cynthia Harrison

It is with great sadness that I share with the Northern Ohio Chapter members the news that Harvey Rogers, our President, passed away September 23, 2012 while attending OktoberFest.

Harvey's membership number is far lower than mine, a testament to the many years he supported the
organization both nationally and locally. I met him during the planning stages leading up to
the then Akron-Area-sponsored 1989 drivers' school at Mid-Ohio—the first of the twenty-three years of schools and events we from northeastern Ohio have hosted there.

Harvey was an integral part of the group who managed that then area of the Buckeye Chapter and became a leader among the membership which chose to form our own Northern Ohio Chapter. Since the Chapter's formation in late 1991/early 1992, he has represented the membership on the Executive Board; this year was his twentieth continuous year of commitment to you, our members, and BMW Car Club of America.

During these years with Northern Ohio Chapter he served as Vice President, shouldered the responsibilities of Driving Events Chair for many years, and finally led the Chapter as President. His efforts have guided and shaped many of the events and activities which the Chapter's members have enjoyed during its existence. From drivers' schools and the integration of Club Racing into these events, to socials and open houses and tours—his input and hours of personal involvement behind the scenes made your enjoyment possible. No one can know the countless hours he spent talking about the Chapter, planning events, and working with Event Chairs and Board members to ensure the quality of governance for this membership.

He was recognized not only locally but also regionally and sometimes nationally for his knowledge about cars in general and BMWs in particular. His support for the marque was reflected in his 32 years of employment with BMW and his willingness to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the marque with any and all who showed interest.

Harvey is probably one of the few people I know who knew early in his life what he wanted as an occupation and what would give him the greatest personal fulfillment. He's one of a very few I know who achieved that life's dream. And, frankly to spend a week doing what was his heart's desire and being not just in the midst of that dream, but having been honored with a standing ovation for his service and dedication to a segment of that dream most dear to him (Club Racing) by racers and officials alike at a banquet during the last hours of his life can only be considered full recognition of a life well lived on his terms in almost complete fulfillment of his total dream.

We shall miss his knowledge, his leadership, his generosity, his humor, his wit, and his perspective
on life.

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and support for his family and friends during this difficult time. He will be missed by so many. Please join us in honoring his dedication to his life's dream and the part we had in that dream in your thoughts in the ensuing weeks and particularly in this year to follow.

Cynthia Harrison
Secretary, Northern Ohio Chapter
BMW Car Club of America
Member 78525
Friend of Harvey A. Rogers: 23 years and counting